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  • The Deluxe Security Belt Victorinox.

    The Deluxe Security Belt Victorinox.

    Multi-Pocket Security Belt for Travelers
    122.00 PLN
  • Documents Organizer Victorinox.

    Documents Organizer Victorinox.

    Whether you're traveling alone or with family and friends, you won't want to leave home without the Travel Organizer with its sturdy construction and generous capacity. Behind its trusty, secure zipper you'll find room for plenty of passports, IDs, tickets and so much more, all in one easy-to-carry organizer. Ready? Set? All together now.   Key features: Stores and organizes tickets, passport and currency Dedicated card slots RFID protection safeguards personal data Item number 31172801 Size 3x13x26 cm Weight 0.2 kg  
    170.00 PLN
  • Security Pouch Victorinox.

    Security Pouch Victorinox.

    Security Pouch for Traveling
    134.00 PLN
  • LUMINOUS apple cream Phenomé + free samples.

    LUMINOUS apple cream Phenomé + free...

    Light, refreshing day cream suitable for every skin type. +free samples
    149.00 PLN
  • LUSCIOUS hydrating cream Phenomé + free samples.

    LUSCIOUS hydrating cream Phenomé + ...

    Unique formula with natural hyaluronic acid for dry and very dry skin. +free samples
    159.00 PLN
  • REJUVENATING line minimizer Phenomé + free samples.

    REJUVENATING line minimizer Phenomé...

    Anti-wrinkle cream for dry and sensitive skin, smoothes wrinkles, perfectly moisturizes and relaxes skin. +free samples
    189.00 PLN
  • 24-HOUR ultra-hydrat cream Phenomé.

    24-HOUR ultra-hydrat cream Phenomé.

    The ultra-hydrating formula and lightweight texture of this product ensure optimum hydration of the skin for up to 24 hours.
    129.00 PLN
  • ANTI-AGING skin remedy Phenomé.

    ANTI-AGING skin remedy Phenomé.

    This regenerating cream is designed for the daily care of mature skin.
    149.00 PLN
  • POST SHAVE cooling lotion Phenomé.

    POST SHAVE cooling lotion Phenomé.

    This gentle cooling lotion is designed for using immediately after shaving.
    140.00 PLN
  • MULTI-ACTIVE sugar peel Phenomé.

    MULTI-ACTIVE sugar peel Phenomé.

    Cleansing and nourishing product in the form of thick paste formulated with fine sugar crystals and enriched with natural peeling particles: strawberry and rose seeds.
    105.00 PLN