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Our selection of cosmetics in best quality.

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  • O!WOW Brush.

    O!WOW Brush.

    With its densely packed bristles, this makeup brush gives airbrushed effect with no streaks.
    159.00 PLN 129.00 PLN
  • Tinted Lip balm 4g.

    Tinted Lip balm 4g.

    Tinded lip balm. Available in three colors.
    89.00 PLN 69.00 PLN
  • Pure Lust Matte 3,5g.

    Pure Lust Matte 3,5g.

    Lipstick in pure lust matte colors. Available in three colors.
    89.00 PLN 69.00 PLN
  • Bye Bye Racines 5023 (1)

    Bye Bye Racines 5023 (1)

    91.00 PLN 65.00 PLN
  • Bye Bye Racines 5024.

    Bye Bye Racines 5024.

    91.00 PLN 65.00 PLN
  • Bye Bye Racines 5026.

    Bye Bye Racines 5026.

    91.00 PLN 65.00 PLN
  • YSL Touch Eclat No1

    YSL Touch Eclat No1

    TOUCHE ÉCLAT N° 1 Radiant Touch. TOUCHE ÉCLAT is the must-have illuminating pen, which conceals dark circles and highlights the features of the face with every brushstroke. Enriched with a unique anti-fatigue complex containing vitamin E, the exclusive secret formula gives the perfect balance of hydration, coverage and radiance, all in a click.
    95.00 PLN
  • Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

    Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

    Mascara to create beautiful lashes, that looked extende and lifted.
    105.00 PLN
  • Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

    Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

    This constellation of pearls illuminates the complexion with an incomparable radiance and lights up the face in an exceptional manner.
    185.00 PLN
  • Lancome Magic Brush

    Lancome Magic Brush

    The perfect brush to iluminate skin with a sunny touch.
    110.00 PLN