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Bodyfusion Extra Firming Cream Yonelle

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Bodyfusion Extra Firming Cream 
  • N-retinol skin renovator nanodiscs technology™ 
  • Anti-aging regeneration
  • Improved skin quality
  • Reduced stretch marks 
The active cream is rich in firming substances that melt into the skin through biofusion, without leaving a feeling of heaviness. It’s velvety-like texture, exclusive fragrance and quick absorption provide unique pleasure and comfort of use. Ideal both for mature skin with a tendency to flaccidity and younger skin, prone to cellulite and stretch marks. After each use the skin becomes noticeably smoother, saturated with regenerative substances and appropriately moisturised. The cream powerfully firms and elasticizes the skin, improving its quality and appearance, which gives an anti-cellulite effect and makes stretch marks less visible. The results are spectacular, especially when the cream is combined with MEZOROLLER™ microneedling, which increases skin penetration of active ingredients UP TO 1,000 TIMES. The effect is biological regeneration and renewal of the skin. The cream also helps recover and maintain good skin condition, for example after weight changes, or pregnancy. 
The exceptional improvement in firmness and elasticity of the skin is guaranteed by N-RETINOL SKIN RENOVATOR – pure nanodisc retinol. Transported deep into the skin by NANODISCS™, which increase its penetration by 340%, even down to the 14th layer of skin cells. Other important regenerating ingredients include the peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis. 
Directions for use: Apply twice daily to the entire body, in particular to less firm areas. For better effects, perform a microneedling with a MEZOROLLER™ 2-3 times a week.
Capacity: 200 ml

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