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Bodyfusion Hydrolipid Cream Yonelle

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Bodyfusion Hydrolipid Cream 
  • 5 × hyaluronic moisturizer nanodiscs™ 
  • Technology extra smoothing
  • Hydroinfusive anti-aging hydration
  • Feeling of freshness 
Intensive moisturizing body cream with biocompatible with the skin ingredients and a beautiful fragrance that wraps around the female body. A modern, light, balmy texture, and instantly absorbable. Very pleasant and comfortable to apply. Rich in active substances that retain water in the epidermis, hydrate  and delay the skin aging process. The cream ensures an instant feeling of freshness and soothing, and makes the skin extra smooth and elastic. Regenerates the skin’s hydrolipid layer and epidermal barrier, constantly damaged by skin cleansers. Thus, it protects the skin, prevents dehydration and reduces the likelihood of irritation. The skin becomes firmer, velvety soft and delicate to the touch. 
The above-average hydrating and anti-ageing effect is guaranteed by a 5 x HYALURONIC MOISTURIZER – 5 forms of hyaluronic acid that guarantee deep activity at various levels of the skin. Carried by NANODISCS™, hyaluronic acid can reach down to the 14th layer of skin cells by infusion. The effect of biological hydration is supported by PCA, a component of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). 
Directions for use: Apply after each shower or bath.
Capacity: 200 ml

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