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Fortesse - shampoo for women Halier.

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Fortesse - shampoo for women

  • stimulates new hair growth
  • slows down hair loss
  • advanced formula without SLS or SLES

Fortesse shampoo accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss. The shampoo washes and strengthens hair, while preventing split ends. The unique Advanced Hair Booster™ formula conditions the follicles, regenerates the scalp and makes hair more flexible.

The product does not contain SLS or SLES – synthetic detergents which damage the natural hydro lipid film of the epidermis, cause excessive water loss, scalp tightness and dryness. Fortesse Shampoo is an excellent way to enjoy long, beautiful and lustrous hair.

Regular use of the Fortesse shampoo makes hair silky smooth, shiny and easy to style. The product does not weigh hair down. It has been dermatologically tested. Apply the shampoo on damp hair, lather and gently massage it with circular motions into the scalp. Rinse well. The next step is using hair conditioner from the Fortesse collection.

Capacity: 250ml

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