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Hand cream TOUCH Orphica.

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Enriched with Intensive Moisture Therapy formula, TOUCH hand cream intensively regenerates and nourishes skin while reinforcing its elasticity and firmness. After applying, the skin is covered with an invisible, protective, water-binding layer. Rich in natural ingredients, the product soothes and hydrates irritated hand skin and delivers relief for dry, chapped hands. The cream nourishes, smooths out fine lines, acts as an antioxidant and accelerates skin regeneration process. 


The product has been dermatologically tested.


How to use hand cream TOUCH
1. Before you use TOUCH hand cream, make sure your hand skin is dry and clean. 2. Apply a small amount of the cream to your hand skin. 3. Massage gently with circular motions until fully absorbed.


As they are exposed to the unfavourable influence of external factors, hands require complex care. Bacteria, harmful substances, and winter weather with low temperature all contribute to microdamage, skin cracking, loss of elasticity and excessive cuticle peeling. To forget about dry skin and ensure the healthy look of hands, ORPHICA has created TOUCH line - regenerating and caring therapy.

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