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Moisturizing gloves set 4 pcs. TOUCH Orphica.

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Enriched with Active Ceramide Therapy formula, TOUCH moisturizing gloves set invigorates hand skin with deep hydration, making it elastic and firm. After applying, the skin is covered with an invisible, protective, water-binding layer. The product is moistened with the substance whose natural ingredients have antiseptic properties, smooth hand wrinkles, accelerate skin regeneration processes and soothe irritation, all while stimulating collagen and elastin production. Opt for complex care! One set contains as many as 4 pairs of TOUCH moisturizing gloves which are enough for one-month treatment.



How to use moisturizing gloves TOUCH
1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. Take the gloves out from the packaging cautiously and put them on your hands. 2. Using the attached adhesive strips, adjust the gloves to your hands. 3. Remove after 15 minutes and gently massage the remaining nourishing substance until fully absorbed.


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