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MULTI-ACTIVE sugar peel Phenomé.

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MULTI-ACTIVE sugar peel Phenomé

A unique cleansing and nourishing product in the form of thick paste formulated with fine sugar crystals and enriched with natural peeling particles: strawberry and rose seeds. It ensures safe and highly effective skin cleansing appropriate even for the sensitive skin, without any risk of irritation. Natural and organic active ingredients eliminate dead skin cells and other impurities. After the peeling, the skin can breathe properly, which stimulates the natural renewal and regeneration of the epidermis. A complex of organic extra virgin vegetable oils is a source of natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids which nourish, strengthen and gently lubricate the skin. A natural fragrance composition with the dominant note of vanilla and a hint of flowers and green citrus fruits intensifies the cleansing effect of the product.

Polish the skin of the face making circular motions, leave the product on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times per week. Recommended for all skin types.

• ground olive pits, strawberries and small sugar crystals – gently exfoliate dead skin cells
• macadamia oil – nourish, soften and smooth the skin
• jojoba oil – creates on the skin thin lipid film, protects and nourishes
• Buriti oil – moisturizes, smoothes, soothes, antioxidant properties
• babassu butter – moisturizes, leaves a smooth protective film
• marshmallow root extract – moisturizes, soothes, antioxidant properties
• Pineapple extract – moisturizes, softens, acts anti-aging, stimulates skin regeneration
• chamomile flower extract – soothes
• grapefruit extract – stimulates, refreshes, tones

Volume: 50ml

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