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Auction rulebook

Appendix 9

Rules of conduct auctions in Airkiosk.LOT Online Store

1.A customer through the online store can purchase some goods and services available in the Online Shop auctioned conducted in the form of betting or Trades betting with the "Buy Now" button.

1.1. By exposing the Goods or Services the Seller under the Trades auction is inviting offerers for the conclusion of an agreement with the participant auction, the highest bidder,

1.2. Under the Trades betting with the "Buy It Now" Auction Participant by selecting the "Buy Now" has the ability to immediately purchase Goods or Services issued at a fixed, predetermined by the Seller the price.

3. The beginning of the auction takes place at the time of the placing on the auction platform Online Shop a Product or Service marked "Bid" or "Buy it now"

4. Participant of the auction takes part in the auction by submitting bids for the Goods or Services Trades auction, or by selecting the "Buy Now" for Trades betting with the "Buy It Now". The condition of each of the above steps is to register in the Online Shop by carefully filling in the registration form and setting up accounts on

5. Participation for Trades auction, Bidder specifies the price of the Goods or Services which, in case of winning agrees to pay. Offered purchase price of the Goods or services may not be lower than the asking price determined by the Seller and may not be lower than the highest bid at the time by another bidder. During the bidding Trades Bidder may change the amount of the maximum price, but may not indicate an amount less than the highest offered at this time by another bidder.

6. The amount of the minimum bid increment for each auction is determined by the Seller and depends on the value of the auction.

7.The Winner of the Trades betting is the Bidder whose offer included the highest price. If several bidders submitted offers in the same high price - winning bidder, who first joined the auction by indicating the highest price.

8.The offers submitted in auctions are binding on participants Trades ie. The Seller and the bidders until the completion of the Transaction, or to reject them by the Seller. Rejection of the bid may be made before the end Trades:

a. at the request of the bidder or

b. the lack of contact with the bidder (eg. due to incorrect data) or

c. in connection with the completion of the Transaction without determining the outcome in the manner specified in paragraph. 10 and 11 below

9.The offer submitted by the bidder, the account will be suspended before closing the transaction is not taken into account in determining the result of the Transaction.

10.Zakończenie auction takes place with the passage of time for which it was prescribed. However, the Seller may at any time close the transaction, the winners of the auction shall be determined as of the moment of its completion.

11. In the event that the course of the auction bids made did not exceed the minimum price, which is open to the Auction Participants, the seller has the right to extend the period of duration of the auction or to cancel it and start again at another time.

12.Zawarcie contract between the Seller and the winner of the auction takes place upon adjudication, and the agreement between the Seller and the participant auction, benefiting from the "Buy It Now", takes place upon confirmation by the Auction Participant to take advantage of this option.

We get 13.Niezwłocznie or after confirmation by the Auction Participant use the "Buy It Now", the Auction Participant receives from the Seller a message to the email address indicated on the registration form to the online store, confirming victory in the auction or make a purchase at auction with the option of Trades "Buy It Now" along with the generated link to the basket, from which the payment is due. Payment of the purchase price of the Goods or Services must be made within 5 working days of receipt of the message.

14. In case the purchase price of the Goods or Services will not be paid by the auction winner or the Auction Participant that has benefited from the "Buy It Now" within the period specified in paragraph. 13 above, the Seller is entitled to terminate the contract of sale and the announcement of another auction in the time specified by.

15. In the event of conflict with the Rules of the Online Store are applicable provisions of this Appendix 9.